TBA Collective to Host Meet & Greet on April 17th in Moncton

Find out more about the TBA Collective on April 17th.

Moncton’s own volunteer based arts co-operative TBA Collective is inviting the public to a collective meet and greet, Tuesday April 17 at the Capitol Theatre Lobby at 6:30 pm. They will connect with others to tell them what TBA Collective is all about and how they can get involved.

TBA Collective is on its 5th year creating ideas for projects and organizing events in Moncton and around the area. This year’s timeline started off with a light show dance party sponsored by Picaroons beer. Coming up they’re setting up a cultural event to open Frye festival April 24 at Plan B with Live Art, Live Music and of course, Live Poetry. In late May, the musicians in TBA Collective are putting on a performance for the experimental music festival Re:Flux 8, where they will sample room sounds and loop them to make a musical performance. In June, they’ll be putting on an art show exhibiting local artwork from the region. At the end of the summer on August 10 and 11, they’ll be putting on Messtival 5, an independent arts and music festival held in Anagance NB.

TBA Collective hopes to use the meet and greet event as a way to share how uniting and contributing our efforts and ideas benefits our town and our experiences.

For more information visit www.tbacollective.com or www.Messtival.ca.


Francais – Melissa Thibodeau – (506) 850-7830 – melissa.thibodeau.com@gmail.com

English – Jonah Haché – (506) 227-6100 – jonahhache@gmail.com