Ted Lynch to Return to Nashville

Bread 'n Molasses July/ August 2010. Click on the photo to read our first interview with Ted Lynch.

In the July/August 2010 issue of Bread ‘n Molasses magazine, we sat down with Miramichi singer/ songwriter, Ted Lynch, for a candid conversation about his trip to Nashville, Tennessee to record his first album. Now, almost two years later, Ted is heading back to the studio and graciously allowed us to follow up. Spending any time with Ted is a breath of fresh air. He’s still the humble man we introduced to you all that time ago, still committed to inspiring people through his music. And he’s doing it!

BnM: It’s been about a year and a half since we did that first article in Bread ‘n Molasses. At that time you were back from recording your debut album in Nashville and some of the songs were starting to get airplay on stations all across North America. Can you tell me, what has life been like since then?

Ted: First off, I’d like to say thank you to Bread ‘n Molasses for being interested in following my music. My first album did quite well so far. I’m actually not finished with all its promotion. I still have two songs to release to radio.

The album hasn’t brought that many changes to my life other than I’ve been working at Life Radio part-time rather than full-time for about a year and half. I had to pull back from work to be able to focus on the album’s promotion and to have more flexibility to travel. It’s worked out well to this point and I’m thankful. It’s a little tough to get moving on Monday mornings however, when you’ve travelled all weekend. LOL.

Ted's debut album. Click the photo to purchase a copy.

BnM: How were album sales?

Ted: For a maritime traveller on the weekends I think I did alright. Sales were good enough to cover the costs of my upcoming recording. I’ve done some venues where I sold 50 CDs afterwards and I’m grateful. That means the messages in the music are connecting with people and I’m going to try and relate even more to the listeners on the next album.

BnM: Did any of the singles reach any particular milestones on the charts or win any awards?

Ted: I’m not really into awards. My very first release “Times of Trouble” was voted on as one of the top 20 songs in Canada. They called and shared that with me and I never even told anyone until just last month. A lot of artists would have Facebooked all their family, friends and fans to vote, but I’m not into that. If DJs like the song, they’ll play it! That’s all I’m after. I just want people to hear the song and its message.

However, each song released in the US thus far has charted well. “Clean and Sober” reached #3 on Inspirational Country. “Chevy Truck” reached #11 on HMG Nashville and “I Don’t Want To Miss” reached #1 on CMW (Christian Music Weekly).

Ted Lynch, photo courtesy TedLynch.com.

BnM: And wow! The Prime Minister wrote to you personally about your first album! That is amazing! Tell me about that day when you got the letter. Were you expecting anything like that?

Ted: I wasn’t expecting a letter from the Prime Minister but I did know that he was given my album because I had signed it before giving it to MP Tilly O’Neil Gordon. Tilly is a friend of mine and said she’d like to give a copy to the PM.

I thought the letter was pretty neat. It sat in my desk for a few weeks and I happened to mention it to my co-worker, Matt Hallihan. He kinda made a big deal out of it and said I should frame it. LOL. I never framed it, but then I decided to let people know about it after that on my website.

BnM: I see you have a free download for the title track, “Invade My Soul”, on your website, can we include that link on our website for our readers to download?

Ted: Yes for sure. I didn’t release that song properly like I had wanted to. A few stations have aired it, but this month I’m actually re-releasing it to positive a/c stations in Canada. The song has been digitally modified specifically for radio. That just means it has been shortened to be more industry friendly so it’ll receive more airplay on stations.

Click here to download “Invade My Soul” for free!

BnM: Something that we never really talked about for that first story was your past and how so many of your songs, especially on the first album, come out of your personal dark experiences and inspire others to transform their own lives. I wondered if we might talk about that for a bit. Who was Ted Lynch all those years ago when his life was broken? And how did he come to turn it all around?

Ted: I don’t mind sharing, it’s what I live for today. If I can overcome, I believe others can too. In a nut shell, I was a wounded kid with a lot of big dreams who was overcome with hurt and fear. It mostly stemmed from a broken relationship with my dad. I became heavily involved with partying as a youth. I certainly deemed myself an alcoholic which also led me to dabble in drugs as well. I was a bright student in elementary and middle school but was abusing so bad as a teenager, I nearly failed high school.

I was in a bad car accident after I graduated and things went from bad to worse. I ended up in detox and during college a couple years later, I finally got into some serious trouble with the law in 1990. I ended up doing time in a county jail after breaking into the college I was studying at. I was in a very intoxicative state. I could only go a little while without getting drunk or high and then I’d get into some sort of trouble.

The last night I was in jail, I went to a church service on the inside and the preacher told me that I needed a savior. He was right! Of course I knew about God and church and Jesus from attending as a kid and I believed in God, but my life was a mess and anything but where I was supposed to be. I was at a point where I needed Jesus to be real! Not some story I had heard about. I knew I needed some sort of saving. So I surrendered my life to Christ and when I say, “He’s made all the difference” … you can believe it.

My relationship with my dad began to be restored after my experience and he became one of my closest friends. I miss him a lot! Dad passed away in 2010 just two months after coming home from Nashville with my first recording. The title of my second album has been inspired by my dad with the title, “His Boot’s”.

Today when I’m on stage, in a school or a prison or any platform sharing, no one gets anymore inspired than me. I know where I was and I know where I’m at today and I’ll be forever filled with gratitude for what the Lord has done in my life! It’s TGIF for me everyday of the week. “Thank God, I’m Free”.

Ted Lynch, photo courtesy TedLynch.com

BnM: So let’s talk about the new album now … How is this album going to be different than the first one?

Ted: Almost half the new songs I’ve written were written with mainstream Canadian country radio in mind. These songs will not only be released to Christian Country radio but mainstream country as well. I believe they carry very positive messages that will touch people.

The new album will also see a new face in the band. I’m really excited to have Pat Buchanan on electric and lead guitar. Buchanan is a monster guitarist. He’s Faith Hill’s guitarist. He’s also played for Travis Tritt, the Dixie Chicks and countless others. He’s toured the world with Hall & Oats and Cyndi Lauper back in the 80′s. Not many in Nashville would have a resume like this guy.

BnM: And how is the album going to be the same? If indeed, it will have any similarities.

Ted: The album’s aim is to definitely inspire the listener just as the first. You’ll also hear a diverse sound. No two songs will be near the same. I like that in an album.

BnM: I watched the video Larry Lynch, your brother, did about your new song, “Strength”. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Is it going to be on the new album?

Ted: Ya know, when I began playing that song I got a great response from it and I had full intent to record it. Unfortunately, it’s not going to make the cut. My producer and I felt that song didn’t fit this project. That’s one of the most difficult things for me to deal with, leaving a song behind. But, you never know, at another time it may be called up and tweaked a bit for recording.

BnM: Who are you working with on this album?

Ted: The majority of people wouldn’t know the names of the band members and musicians, but would most definitely know the names of the artist they’ve played for. Artists like Hank Williams Jr., Shania Twain, Billy Ray Cyrus, Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, George Straight … I mean these guys have played for the best artists in the industry. That’s why we chose them for this project. You know it when you hear that big sound on an album. People will never purchase your second album if it’s not well produced. That’s why they call it Music City USA.

BnM: When do you expect it to be released? And where will people be able to hear it or buy copies?

Ted: When I get back from Nashville I’ll be back on the air at Life Radio of course and I’ll begin the process of designing an album cover and the works. Once that’s done I’ll have it sent out to be pressed. In the midst of that and watching my children when they get home from school, plus setting up a tour in Newfoundland for May, I’ll plan a CD launch in Miramichi as soon as possible. However, I’ll probably have the album in some local stores before the launch for anyone interested.

BnM: How many new songs have you written for the album?

Ted: The new album will consist of 10 maybe 11 songs

Ted Lynch, photo courtesy TedLynch.com.

BnM: What has been your inspiration behind your new songs?

Ted: The inspiration behind my new songs are to help people recognize there’s a plan for each person’s life. I hope I can inspire people to get into high gear and get excited about reaching their full potential because life seems way too short.

BnM: And as always … what is next for Ted Lynch?

Ted: I think I’m going to have to work harder on this new album if I’m going to release to mainstream country radio stations in Canada. That means more finances will be needed and more self discipline on my part. The stakes are higher with this album and the vision is getting bigger. With that said, I may have to make some tough career choices in the near future.

BnM: Well, I’m sure I speak for all our readers when I say we wish you well on this next chapter of your musical journey. Congratulations on all your success so far and I’m looking forward to checking back with you in another year or so to see where the journey has taken you.

For more information about Ted or his music, or to purchase a copy of his first CD, visit his website at TedLynch.com.