Living is Easy Summer Series Opening Reception

The Living is Easy Summer Series Opening Reception
Penny Smart, Erin Orsztynowicz and Corey Isenor
Friday June 24th, 7:00 PM

Come out to Seven Lorne and view the collaborative project from Penny Smart and Erin Orsztynowitz entitled “Golden”. “Golden” runs from June 20th – June 25th.

“Natural Selection” is an exhibit of new works by Corey Isenor. Corey’s work deals with pattern and repetition as well as focusing on the natural environment and our perception of it. “Natural Selection” will be showing from June 20th – July 3rd.

Artist-in-Residence closing reception
J.R. Carpenter

“Writing Coastlines” is a project by Struts Gallery artist-in-residence J.R. Carpenter. Inspired by the writings and maps of Samuel de Champlain and the great Canadian/American poet Elizabeth Bishop, J.R. aims to uncover successive generations of Sackville’s narrative. The project combines experimental writing, performance, collaboration, historical research, cartography, and communication networks. J.R. will have Zines for sale at the event but is encouraging those that are interested to bring Zines of their own to trade or show.

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