Sackville: Super 8 Hotel Film Festival

Super 8 Hotel
Sackville, NB
Wednesday, May 11th at 8pm

Faucet Media Arts Centre & Struts Gallery is pleased to present the 12th annual Super 8 Hotel Film Festival. This annual program provides the opportunity for participants to shoot their own short film and even hand process the stock before presenting their finished piece at a public screening.

Elli Hearte is on hand to provide instruction and encouragement to Super 8 veterans and beginners alike. We have B&W ($30) and colour ($40) stock available now. The price includes film, camera rental, instruction, shipping, and processing.

Please call (506)536-1211 or email to book your camera and film.

There will be an opportunity to hand process your B&W film later in the month. Please contact Elli if you are interested.

Lab Processing
If you don’t wish to hand-process your film, we will be sending a batch to the lab in Toronto. The deadline is Monday May 2nd.

Super 8 Filmmaking Workshop
Wednesday, April 13 at 7:00 pm

Elli Hearte will facilitate this workshop providing an introduction to super 8 filmmaking, a beautiful, affordable and exciting alternative to video. Elli will discuss the basics of camera operation and exposure, film types and some other fun stuff. Participants will then have a couple of weeks to book a camera, shoot a roll of film and have it developed in time for the Super 8 Hotel Film Festival. The workshop is free, though there is a cost for the film and processing. Please register today by contacting the gallery at (506)536 1211 or email: