5th Day of Christmas

Two Poems
by Annabel Sheila

Annie’s Christmas Letter

Dear Santa,
It’s Annie here again,
And a Merry Christmas to you!
I’ve already sent my Christmas list,
So that makes this number two.
I’m not asking for any more toys,
That’s not what this letter is for.
I just wanted to remind you please,
Don’t forget the house next door.
Kate’s the girl who lives there,
She’s the very same age as me.
Last year she didn’t get any toys,
Underneath her Christmas tree.
Kate and her mother are very poor,
That’s what my mother said.
This year please put some of my things
Beneath Kate’s tree instead!
I know you’re really busy,
But if you get this letter in time,
Please don’t forget the girl next door,
Cause Kate’s a friend of mine.

Annie xox

Christmas Traditions

Church always filled to the rafters,
Midnight mass on Christmas Eve Night,
Crammed together, the old and young
Twas a family tradition all right!
Mother dressed in her finest,
Dad in his suit and tie,
All seven of us between them,
Wishing time would go quickly by.
We knew the real meaning of Christmas,
And that it was time to pray,
To celebrate the birth of Christ,
After all it was His birthday!
I remember how much we worried,
That mass would never be done!
We just wanted to go back home
And wait for Santa to come!
When mass was finally over,
We’d headed for home right away,
With Mom and Dad checking rooftops,
For a glimpse of Santa’s sleigh!
By the time we finally got into bed,
We couldn’t keep sleep at bay,
And no matter how late Mom and Dad stayed up,
They were up with us on Christmas Day!
Family traditions at Christmastime
Are different for everyone,
And I wouldn’t change a single thing
About how our Christmas was done!

–Annabel Sheila, Moncton NB