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Be Bold – Have Faith
by Pegine Echevarria

To be BOLD you have to have faith:

  • In your abilities
  • In your purpose
  • That you receive what you desire
  • That you are favored
  • Faith is built on experiences, perception of self and optimism about your future. Faith is driven by what you tell yourself about yourself. For instance, if you focus, even for a short time, on your missteps or negative experiences your faith in yourself, your abilities and the concept that you have the power to receive what you desire will be limited.

    This article will describe strategies to build your faith in these four areas to be bold in your life.

    1. Your Abilities You have unique strengths and a work ethic that enables you to be where you are right now. Often we are so busy “doing” that we don’t stop to applaud how well we do what we do. Stop taking the red marking pencil to correct what is wrong. Instead take out the gold star and highlight what you do great!

    In my program “Communicate Your V.A.L.U.E.!(tm)” I educate participants about the value each individual brings to the workplace. One value is calculating the impact your work has on others. How many calls do you answer in a day, and of those calls, how many people compliment you on your ability to resolve their problems? How many meetings do you attend and how does your presence make a difference? How do you positively impact your home, work, or volunteering environment?

    Write a positive assessment of your abilities and the positive impact your actions have on others. You have to know your impact in order to tell yourself how amazing you are. Once you are over 18 it is up to you to cheer yourself on.

    I didn’t know this when I was younger. I was so focused on what others thought that it never occurred to me that my power and my potential was determined by what I thought about myself. I knew I could change my life and circumstance (because I had), but it didn’t dawn on me that my power was determined by what I thought about myself and that I had the power to think what I wanted to think. Back then I never knew I could think “I’m the greatest Pegine in the world! I am a gift to this world!” I thought thinking that was was wrong, egotistical and self serving. I am here to tell you that you have to talk to yourself that way, because you are the greatest you and you are a gift to this world. Really, think what you want to think and think positively, boldly and know you are brilliant.

    2. Your Purpose Have faith that you have a phenomenal, wonderful purposeful life and the journey to discover that purpose can be exciting, harrowing or boring, it’s your choice. Your purpose is determined by you and only you. Sometimes people think that their parents, their culture, or something outside of themselves chooses their purpose, however, it is always up to you.

    You get to choose the kind of person you want to be, what values you hold dear and the rules you choose to live by. Sometimes those values are imposed on us by the groups we belong to, however, you chose to belong to those groups.

    Secondly, you get to choose who you want to serve. Everyone serves people in a group, good or evil, positive or negative. Think about the people you know, or have met and analyze who they serve. Scientists, peace keepers, prisoners,’losers’, who do they serve? Who serves them? How do they impact the lives of others?

    No matter who you serve, your power lies in making a clear, personal, thoughtful decision about who you want to serve and then focusing on accomplishing that goal.

    3. Confidence That You Receive What You Desire You have to be childlike, expecting miracles to happen in your life. You have to know that you will receive what you desire and that by taking action you will accomplish your goals. This absolute belief is built by focusing on your successes and having a list that you review regularly of all the things that have come your way, just as you expected. Most people focus on what they did not receive and minimize the times when they received what they expected. I can point out to people that they receive what they desire. They think their life is awful and it becomes awful. They just knew they wouldn’t get the job they wanted and they were right! However, they will twist their perception of their outcomes to say to me and others “See I didn’t get it. I told you so”, as though they are disproving my point. I say “you proved my point, you said you wouldn’t get it and you didn’t.” You may not like what you have, however, you have what you hoped for and thought about. Are you willing to embrace that fact with confidence that you receive what you desire?

    The focus then has to be on what you really want, truly embracing what you positively powerfully desire. I say “be careful what you think about because you’ll get it!”

    4. Know You Are Favored The Queen of England knows, inside, that she is Queen. She knows that she will be favored and welcomed. If she wore different clothes and walked through Texas without her entourage would she interact with the world differently? My guess is she would still walk with the confident air that she is favored, her belief of who she is wouldn’t change.

    How about you? Do you walk confidently knowing that you are favored? That you are blessed? That the world is looking out for your best interests? Do you walk confidently knowing that all the best opportunities for you are there for the taking? If not, why not start?

    You have as much right to received good outcomes, blessings and opportunities as the next person. You are no less worthy than anyone else, however, do you know that is true? When you wake up in the morning are you excited because today is the day, your day, to receive surprises and gifts? When you write your reports do you imagine someone reading them and learning something?

    Be BOLD and Have Faith!

    You are worth it.

    Small Business Administration Women in Business Champion and author Pegine (pronounced Peg-een) has a cause. Her cause is YOUR success. Feisty, brilliant and fun she is one of 58 inductees into the prestigious Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. Subscribe to her free newsletter at (c)2010