Celebrate Upper Miramichi and Doaktown – Two Schools, One Spirit 2010 Reunion

Upper Miramichi Regional High School and Doaktown Consolidated High School will be handing out diplomas for the last time this June graduation season.  September will mark a new beginning for the students in these communities as they unite for the first time at the Central NB Academy.

To pay tribute to the closing schools and the students, teachers, and other key people who played an important part of growing up in these communities, a reunion weekend is planned for August 27-29.  This fun-filled weekend dubbed “Two Schools, One Spirit” features a number of activities including a meet and greet, Teacher’s Tea, and last tours of the closing schools.  The headline event The Last Dance will give former students an opportunity to relive the excitement of prom night.  A full schedule of events is located at www.uppermiramichi.ca.

Committee Co-Chair Sharon Clowater is excited to be part of the planning.  “We’re seeing registrations from BC, Ontario and all places in between,” she said.  “With nearly 150 years of education between the two communities, we are expecting a large crowd coming home and reuniting.”

Registration is required and all forms are located at www.uppermiramichi.ca.  In addition to attending the scheduled events, registration will also provide a variety of prize opportunities.  After all costs are covered, additional monies from the registrations will be allocated to youth and youth programming in the respective communities.

“We see this reunion as an opportunity to invest in the children and youth of these areas,” said Clowater.  “There are a number of youth and school programs that deserve assistance and we hope former students will register and know they have given back to their communities.”

If you are a former graduate, teacher, custodian, bus driver or anyone connected with either of the communities, register and come home for a reunion that will allow you to reconnect with old friends and relive the memories of school days.  For more information, please contact Sarah Carson-Pond at uppermiramichiclerk@nb.aibn.com or 506-369-9810.