Frye Academy ‘Battle of the Books’

Two participants of the Frye Academy Awards, Sébastien Lord and Katie Robertson from l’Odyssée High School.

The second and final “Battle of the Books” of the 2010 Frye Academy Award will be fought on Wednesday, March 17th, in Moncton. An evening of dynamic and interesting debate between 18 passionate young readers!

Participants will choose a winner between graphic novel George Sprott (1894-1975) by Seth and French novel Tarmac

by Nicolas Dickner. It’s an event not to miss at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre Café starting at 6:30 pm. The public is invited to take part in the bilingual discussion. Admission is free.

The Frye Academy Award is a component of the Frye Festival’s School-Youth Program. During the first debate on January 26th, participants, who attend English and French high schools in the area, preferred Hadassa by Myriam Beaudoin over The Gum Thief, by Douglas Coupland even though the latter was the favourite contender at the beginning of the evening. “The students really got into the project and we are delighted by their enthusiasm and motivation, says Rachelle Dugas, interim Executive Director for the Frye Festival.

This second round of the battle will be even more interesting. I am sure that their arguments will be further developed and they will really be ready to defend their choice.”

After this second debate, the participants will choose the winner of the first Frye Academy Award between Hadassa by Myriam Beaudoin, and the winner of the night. The official announcement will be made at the closing event of the Frye Festival, on April 25th. The public and the young readers will have the opportunity to meet with the winning author in a future Frye Festival event yet to be announced.

Renée Morel, filmmaker and fervent reader will moderate the debate. The participants from Harrison Trimble, Moncton High, and Bernice MacNaughton in Moncton as well as from l’Odyssée in Moncton, Mathieu-Martin in Dieppe, and Mgr-Marcel-François-Richard in Saint-Louis-de-Kent are all bilingual avid readers. As a matter of fact, they read the novels in their original language of publication.

All of those who wish to participate in the 2010 Frye Academy Award are invited to consult the reading guide available at and attend the March 17th event. The Frye Academy Award debates will be recorded and made available on the Frye Festival web site (