Poem – Responsibility


There was a time, seems so long ago
When I felt I had been set aside
That no one cared, no man or spirit
I walked alone and alone I cried

That time now is done and gone
I’ve listened and I’ve learned
About life and all its vagaries
And have that for which I yearned

I can’t undo mistakes I’ve made
Nor retrieve hurts I may have caused
But will strive to not e’er repeat them
Keeping in mind all of God’s laws

As I travel the roads of life’s journey
Trying to avoid the pitfalls I find
It occurs to me, I have a duty to share
All that I’ve seen, with all mankind

I charge then, all my brethren
And those with more knowledge than I
To always remember the axiom, old
“There, but for the Grace of God, Go I”

–Charles E. Frost