Twelfth Day of Christmas

10 Things that Made 2009 a Mighty Good Year!

At Bread ‘n Molasses we believe in focusing on the positive and expressing gratitude. As we close this year’s 12 Days of Christmas special event and begin a brand new year with the magazine, here’s Editor, Kellie Underhill’s list of 10 things that made 2009 one mighty good year!

  1. Always in first place, the unconditional love and support of my family, without you all I would be an empty shell. You are the backbone of my spirit.
  2. Being able to do the work I most love to do, with the best crew I’ve ever worked with. You guys are the best! And together we are mighty!
  3. Having the opportunity to help organize and emcee at Miramichi’s first Walk to Cure Diabetes, where we raised an amazing amount of money and had so many volunteers show up to help that we didn’t even need them all. What a fantastic accomplishment to have taken part in!
  4. Taking part in the Words on Water arts series and launching issues of Bread ‘n Molasses magazine there.
  5. Getting my passport and beginning new adventures in travel outside the country.
  6. Being able to work with our wonderfully patient Editorial Board of dedicated volunteers: Judy Bowman, Joan Cripps, Christina Donovan, Dianne Mullin and Annabel Sheila.
  7. Having the continued support of regular columnists & contributors, who are too many to list but individually appreciated, admired and respected. You guys rock! (you know who you are) And you are the true backbone of this publication.
  8. Being introduced to so much new talent on a regular basis. Photographers, artists, musicians, authors—it is such a blessing to be able to discover such an abundance of natural talent right in our own backyard and then be able to showcase their endeavours and share it with a broader audience. This is the number one reason why I love my work.
  9. Friends. In 2009, I made new friends I will cherish forever and took other friendships to new levels of trust and intimacy, strengthening our bond. I’m thankful to have so many good people in my life.
  10. And finally, though certainly not last, 2009 was a year full of change: publishing changes, deadline changes, moves, new formats, new programs, new looks, new people, beginnings, endings, and much more. I believe change is good. I believe if you embrace change and go with it you will bring your life to the next level, reach even higher goals. It’s through change that we grow. And all this change was definitely one reason why 2009 was one mighty good year!

Why was 2009 a great year for you? What 10 things are you thankful for from last year? Share your list with everyone in the comments section.