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Tips to Keep your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions often focus on actions that will improve your lifestyle such as weight loss, more exercise and improved relationships.  These resolutions are positive and make us healthier both physically and mentally, so why are the majority of them broken before the middle of January? “New Year’s resolutions are made with the best intentions… Continue Reading

7th Day of Christmas

A Somewhat Different Christmas by Mona Vail As every Christmas season arrives it brings back fond memories of my younger years during World War II when my dad and uncle were overseas. My family at home, Grammie, Mom and Aunt Kitty loved my sister and me so much—although I can’t remember any hugs, the love… Continue Reading

6th Day of Christmas

Miss Bessie Mae and the Christmas Biker By Brenda Kay Ledford Ninety-year-old Bessie Mae Davenport decided to head to Helen, Georgia on Christmas Eve. She wanted to get a Christmas present for her pastor. She put a red sweater and Santa’s hat on Roscoe. He jumped into her 1970 Grand Marquis and yelp, yelp, yelped.… Continue Reading

5th Day of Christmas

Two Poems by Annabel Sheila Annie’s Christmas Letter Dear Santa, It’s Annie here again, And a Merry Christmas to you! I’ve already sent my Christmas list, So that makes this number two. I’m not asking for any more toys, That’s not what this letter is for. I just wanted to remind you please, Don’t forget… Continue Reading

4th Day of Christmas

The Little Man by Leo Racicot I don’t recall ever having gloves or mittens in the winter. I’d put two pair of socks on my hands when I went out to play, and there were always one or two buttons missing from the coats I wore, or the zipper didn’t work. I hated the cardboard… Continue Reading

3rd Day of Christmas

The Unmentionable Christmas Gift By Glenda Barrett “Glenda, I’m afraid I won’t have enough money to buy all my Christmas gifts this year. My social security check won’t go to far,” said Grandma. As I think back now, I realize Grandma and I had this conversation just about every Christmas season. My answer to her… Continue Reading

2nd Day of Christmas

Jenna’s Christmas Dinner By Myrna Beth Lambert The year was December 24th, 1952. My father, Uncle Joe and I were standing outside of Mama’s hospital room discussing Christmas dinner. We had always upheld certain traditions during the Christmas holidays. Til this day the smells of Christmas dinner fill me with delight … I loved the… Continue Reading

1st Day of Christmas

Cops And Mummers (A True Christmas Story) by Annabel Sheila Christmas traditions can be varied depending upon where you live of course. On the west coast of Newfoundland, traditions are pretty much the same as anywhere else, with one minor exception. There’s this thing called “Mummering” that up until the time I was 10 years… Continue Reading

Pegine’s Motivational Times

Give Yourself a Gift by Pegine Echevarria Your talents, intellect, wisdom and innovation are gifts. The power to achieve and take action towards your goals lies in your thoughts about yourself, your future and where you want to go. Mix in the truth that you have to BELIEVE the following: 1- You deserve whatever you… Continue Reading

Slimming Through the Holidays

This article appeared in Bread ‘n Molasses magazine a few years ago. It seemed timely to reprint it now with the holidays coming up, and so many Miramichiers taking part in the Mighty Miramichi Biggest Loser contest. Slimming Through the Holidays. The holiday season is filled with many gastronomic goodies, but you don’t have to… Continue Reading