Seventh Day of Christmas

Christmas Long Ago

Warm memories of Christmas long ago,
Fill my heart as the season draws near.
Mom and Dad and seven of us,
All filled with Christmas cheer.

Those weren’t the times of plenty,
Our presents from Santa were few.
But it didn’t seem to matter at all,
We had love and happiness it’s true.

The annual family Christmas tree hunt,
For the very best tree we could get,
Is a memory that’s carved into my heart,
One I will never forget!

Our tree decorations were simple,
And we all gathered round to help out.
Laughing and sharing tradition,
That’s what Christmas was all about.

There were apples, oranges, grapes and nuts,
And a turkey dressed to feed nine.
Mom and Dad cooked the Christmas feast,
That was always ready on time.

I vaguely remember the gifts I got,
For Christmas long since past,
But the feelings of love and family,
Are the gifts that I’m certain will last.

© Annabel Sheila, Moncton NB