Game On

Pegine’s Motivational Times
by Pegine Echevarria


Plan, action and results. Each and every day you read or hear about the power of plans. You think about your plans, and the organizational plans. You look at your to do sheets, squash the fires within your teams and make the calls you need to make, then you review the results. Did the plan work? Did the actions bring the results you hoped for? Without enthusiasm and infusing energy into your plan and actions the results will always be less than expected.

You have to bring your energy and life force to the game every day. Your work and life is a game and how much enthusiasm and energy you bring to your game will determine the results you achieve.

Here is a game I play with a friend and associate of mine. Brandon is a small business owner, a wonderful writer and a good friend. He has 3 teenagers and 3 children under the age of 5. He works from home, teaches at his house of worship on weekends and flies around the country working with authors and publishing houses.

We both have lives that are very full, very bountiful and at times can feel overwhelming. So that stress doesn’t overwhelm us we have developed a game. “How are you doing?” Brandon asks, and I reply, “I’m wearing a sequin gown, with false eye lashes out to here and tons of make up. I have fourteen plates spinning on sticks and I’m on national TV.” I laugh as I try to be as outlandish as possible. “How about you?” I ask. “I have all of that while teetering on heels which I’ve never worn in my life and being teased by all of my buddies, with a HUGE Smile on my face.” I burst out laughing at the image that was just created.

The power lies in the fact that I know Brandon and that is the last thing I would have expected from him.

Our game; create a funny visual that incorporates what we are feeling mixed with over the top crazy wardrobe and actions. One person starts and the other has to make it even more outlandish. The game is hysterical and immediately changes our mood and perception of the situation we may be in.

Ready to play GAME ON? This month I’ll share tips and kick butt actions that you can use to be passionate, energetic and enthusiastic about work and life.

Pegine’s Thought of the Month:

“Enthusiasm is contagious. Be a carrier.”
~ Susan Rabin


Before you walk out the door, go to a meeting, or make a call. STOP – Prepare to bring your game on!

  • Tell yourself how great you are, how special you are and how you are ready to receive an amazing opportunity.
  • STOP -if a word, statement or idea pops in your head that this is silly or ridiculous WARNING BELLS should go off. Take the time to evaluate what you are saying about yourself. Are you being negative about the opportunity before you, criticizing yourself or feeling fear? Are you saying this isn’t real? DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER until you can tell yourself how great you are, how special you are and how you are ready to receive an amazing opportunity.
  • As you walk to your meeting, as you are dialing your call or driving to your appointment. Use all your power of choice, all your power as a human to choose your thoughts wisely. Think positive, enthusiastic and powerful thoughts. Remember the movie the Wizard of Oz? You can choose to walk and sound like the Wicked Witch soldiers (“All we owe, we owe her.”) or choose a different path. It is your choice choose wisely.

Take small actions and see BIG results!

Kick-butt action:
Are you running a meeting? Is everyone looking and acting like drones? Shake your meeting up, really.

Pass out Silly Putty or better yet go to the cafeteria or outdoors and have your team make Really Silly Putty (see below).

Use an interactive activity as a chance to be creative about solutions for your business. Ask your team to share ideas on ways you can reach out to past clients, new product ideas, or how to improve the presentations your team gives to others. Let them play, be creative and share new ideas.

If you are in a very staid, stiff, conservative environment breaking down barriers and building camaraderie is even more critical. You can be serious about your topic, your business and your work – however to keep your team engaged you need levity, enthusiastic engagement and mutually memorable experiences.

If you haven’t seen your team relaxed, enjoying each other and exhibiting a strong sense of camaraderie your team may be working on fumes…energize them, engage them and applaud them through actions.

Really Silly Putty Directions:

  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Liquid cornstarch (available in a grocery store)

Mix equal parts of starch and glue (5 teaspoons of each is generally a good amount to work with). If the mixture is too stiff, add more glue. If the mixture is too runny, add more starch. Wipe off any excess starch and you have silly putty! Try stretching it, pulling it apart sharply, or bouncing it on the floor. CAUTION: It sticks to rugs! (From the “Sticky Business” Room at The Children’s Discovery Museum, Acton, MA)

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