Environmental Art / Landscape Management Course

Creating Natural Structures for the Garden

This two day workshop at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College is for people who want to learn about the creation of garden items from natural materials. It is an opportunity to learn how to lead groups in creating natural garden structures using living willow.

The Instructor: Deb Hart, a talented artist from England

Instructor/Technician – Landscape Management, Writtle College

Deb Hart
Deb Hart

Deb Hart has developed her own creative skills as a willow weaver and runs a series of successful workshops with students, visiting school groups, and keen amateur gardeners. She has been commissioned to create imaginative horse jumps, living walls, and sculpture. In addition, her work has been featured on the Writtle College campus.  Pieces to be found there have included a range of functional garden items from structural supports for roses and innovative woven fences to fantasy inspired igloos and tunnels.

Participants in willow work classes have produced many garden features including abstract and animal sculptures, fences, and garden buildings. Deb has the ability to encourage the development of new skills and confidence in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

DAY 1 – Saturday 24th October 2009

DAY 2 – Sunday 25th October 2009

9.00 am – Registration.9.15 am – Introduction to the course and staff.

9.30 am – Introduction to use of willow as a construction and artistic resource, historic uses and commercial production in UK.

10.00 am Materials and techniques

11.00 am – Learning new techniques by constructing an item suitable for the garden – art and practicality.

12.00 am – Lunch (Brown bag)

1.00 pm – Making larger works, exploring the campus, finding inspiration and special places, sharing ideas (group or individual work)

2.00 pm – Gathering and preparing the materials required. Discussing construction approaches and techniques. Start construction.

3.45 pm – Share progress so far and exchange ideas around methodology.

4.00 pm – Finish

9.00 am- Meet in class to discuss sculptures and continue working on pieces.12.00 am- Lunch (Brown bag)

12.30 am – Considering other aspects of environmental art and the landscape.

1.15 pm – finish construction of art work.

2.45 pm – View pieces of work, share and discuss outcomes.

3.45 pm – Tea and feedback on course.

4.00 pm – Finish.

Cost of registration – $200. The course will be limited to 20 participants. To register, contact cyndy@eastlink.ca