Die-hards Only at First Swap Meet

First swapper of the day Marc Cote trades for a dozen fresh organic eggs.
First swapper of the day Marc Cote trades for a dozen fresh organic eggs.

by Peter James

The rain came thick and fast the night before the first Swap Meet on May 2nd at Girvan Road, the same site as the annual Green Festival.

The local roads reverted to swamps, but all this could not dampen the sheer determination of a few locals to hold the first Swap Meet of the year.

So what is a Swap Meet? A place where anyone can bring items you do not need, or that you have too many of, and swap them for items you do need with no money changing hands.

Items brought included wax coated cone firelighters, a tent, organic free range eggs, many indoor and outdoor plants, golf trolley, jam preserves, clothes, guitar, many books, mugs, kitchen paraphernalia, fan, mirrors, metal door frames, and ornaments, to mention just a few items.

Those in attendance were Rachel and Peter James; Melissa, Natasha, Naomi, Jannika, and Krista Davis; Vonnie Mann, and Marc Cote. Michelle Kaye also donated swap items and her husband will be promoting a Tai Chi workshop for all ages at the next Swap Meet on June 6th at the same site.

Organiser Rachel James said, “It may take some time for people to make the most of the Swap Meet, and the roads do nothing to help, but as it costs nothing and you end up with something, then I am sure people will enjoy it. Also with the opportunity to picnic and walk around beautiful scenery it can make for an enjoyable break. With people travelling in from various towns and the local support, events like this can really draw people into a community. Even people with nothing to trade can come just for the conversation.”

Future dates, maps and gossip can be found by clicking here. Further information on the August Green Festival at www.TheGreenFestival.ca or email the organiser greenfestival@xplornet.com.