A Little Tissue, A Big Issue

Miramichi Region Hospital

The Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation has launched a new Annual Campaign called “Histology – A Little Tissue,  A Big Issue”  with a goal to raise $100,000 to purchase a slide stainer and coverslipper for the Histology Section of the Lab Department at Miramichi Hospital.

The new equipment will assist staff to complete slide preparation in record time with assured accuracy and consistency.  Patients will benefit by having faster, more efficient and more effective services.

The Histology section of the Lab Department at Miramichi Hospital is the first place that testing takes place for any patient biopsies, from moles to limbs.  Detection of cancer is the most common, and early detection is often the key to a cure.

“The acquisition of this equipment will definitely shorten the amount of time it takes to get slides to the pathologists, thereby improving patient care and the overall efficiency of the histopathology process,” said Dr. Dariusz Strzelczak, Staff Pathologist.

“Patient biopsies are sent to the histology lab for processing. Once processed, the tissue ends up on a slide which must be stained and covered with a precisely measured coverslip that protects the specimen and offers clear visibility for review by the pathologist,” said Peggy Martin, Lab Manager.

“An automated slide stainer and coverslipper offers the most advanced technology available to make staining and coverslipping as effortless as possible.  Staff will achieve precious labour saving time, increased productivity and volume, and more efficient results as two instruments are paired in one workstation and slides are automatically moved through precision robotic engineering,” Martin added.

“The Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation is extremely pleased to commit to assisting the staff of the Histology Section in their efforts by launching this exciting new annual campaign,” said Chairperson Steve Myles.  “The success of achieving this equipment will assist us in our common goal of enhancing local patient care.”

If you or your organization wishes to support the Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation in its efforts to purchase this important piece of equipment for Histology, call the office at (506)627-7555.