MYPIE Goes to the Summit

MYPIE Summit Host, Chris, & Organizer, Nadine
MYPIE Summit Host, Chris Savage, & Organizer, Nadine Dunn

The network of Miramichi Young Professionals and Involved Entrepreneurs (MYPIE) hosted an interactive supper workshop entitled “The Summit Experience” at the Boulevard Pub in January. Over 55 people from all sectors registered for the event featuring guest speaker Paula Morand with the goal of learning how to change their attitudes to reach their altitude!

Paula Morand is a renowned guest speaker and executive coach whose mission is to help people improve their lives and reach their goals. When approached in October by MYPIE’s network, she immediately jumped on the opportunity to return to the Miramichi to speak to professionals, entrepreneurs, and citizens, and created a whole new workshop just for the occasion. With tips on how to achieve goals, heart-touching stories, laughter, video clips, and games, Paula engaged the crowd for over 90 minutes.

“It was awesome,” said Patsy Martin, job training coordinator for the Schizophrenia Society, who had spread the word of the workshop through her own network. One of the participants at her table even got up in front of everyone to “yodel” and show what she would yell when she reached the top of her mountain.

“A well invested five dollars,” echoed Bruno Doucette, instructor at NBCC-Miramichi. Several people from the real estate industry attended as well and their laughter could be heard throughout the night. Some attendees traveled as far as from Moncton and Bathurst to participate in the event.

Chris Savage, owner-operator of The Boulevard went all out for the special occasion, providing a full buffet meal and maximizing seating space for everyone. Even his mother chipped in, helping with the food preparation! For over half of the attendees, this was their first time at the pub and many expressed their intent to return in the near future.

“This is what it is all about,” said Nadine Duguay, Job Liaison Officer at Enterprise Miramichi and MYPIE instigator. “Giving professionals and entrepreneurs an opportunity to mingle, to learn about one another and to give tools that will inspire them and help them to work and live beyond the survival mode. I think we are achieving this goal through our efforts on a monthly basis with these activities. This event is one of the best turnouts thus far and we have our funding partners and sponsors to thank for helping make it a success including Enterprise Miramichi, Atcon Group, Dew Engineering, Northumberland Co-op ltd., The Boulevard, NBCC-Miramichi, CBDC Northumberland and the Rodd Miramichi.”

The MYPIE network was created by the joint forces of the CBDC Northumberland and Enterprise Miramichi. It targets Miramichi’s young professionals, entrepreneurs, or simply “young at heart” citizens, who wish to connect with others, provide their input and help instill a sense of pride, belonging, and familiarity on the river. For more information about the MYPIE network and its upcoming activities, visit their website at