Focus Today

Focus Today

by Pegine Echevarria

Focus is defined by Webster’s dictionary as the concentration of attention or energy on something. This is the time of year when we have written down our resolutions and visions for the future (or at least heard that lots of people write their resolutions). In the past I spent lots of time either looking at the past or planning the future. A lot of that time, especially when I was younger, was focused on what wasn’t working, what didn’t happen or what negative things occurred. I admit I wasn’t one of those people who had laser-like focus on goals of achieving or succeeding. In fact, in review, I had laser-like focus on the exact opposite of goals and success. My focus was on how sad my life was and how I wouldn’t amount to much, yet at the same time feeling that there had to be something better than my current condition . . . then I blamed the world, became angry and the cycle continued.

Thankfully I grew up, was willing to break the cycle and willing to change. As I studied, learned and experienced I found that I needed to change my thoughts and my beliefs about me and create dreams for myself to go after. That required concentration of attention and concentration of energy, in other words—focus.

The goals I focused on changed over the years. Different stages brought different goals to focus on in my life:

Stage 1 – Getting out of the Bronx and changing my life

Stage 2 – Getting a degree and succeeding in corporate America

Stage 3 – Having a great marriage and raising two successful children

Stage 4 – Motivating leaders and empowering millions of people to be leaders in over 40 countries around the world with laughter and gusto while having a great marriage!

Everyone has stages in their lives where they are focused on one thing or the other. However, the quality of your life changes dramatically when you focus on greatly increasing the quality and abundance in your life. When you focus on making your life better your life becomes better. If you focus on the drama and what isn’t working, you will continue to get drama and negativity.

This increases in power when you focus on how today’s actions lead to a dramatic increase in the quality and abundance of your life.

For instance, I can easily begin to find fault with things my husband does (I never said I was perfect). I have caught myself critiquing this or that task performed. Does that help me or him? No. Does it make his or my life better? No. Does it really matter how he did whatever I’m picking on? No. In truth, it would drive me away if someone critiqued me about little unimportant tasks I did. When I recognize that I am doing this I have to refocus on my larger goal “to have a great marriage.” The daily actions I take include apologizing for my nitpicking, appreciating the tasks he does and acknowledging the little things he does, without being asked, that makes a difference in our life (including taking out the trash). When I do that, life gives me incredible riches including an increased quality of life, we laugh and are relaxed and loving. People like being with us and doing business with us.

This newsletter is about you. How can you increase the quality and abundance in your life, work and family today and tomorrow?

Only you can decide how you want your life to be. Only you can choose what you want in your life. I’ve said this before—not choosing is choosing.

  • Decide what you want
  • Focus with laser-like intensity on what you want
  • Notice what you have
  • Acknowledge and be grateful for what you have and had, even the negative stuff. You changed and became a better person because of it
  • Each day do what you can, knowing that everything is leading to what you want (Kick Butt Actions below shares how)
  • Take time daily to really imagine what you want. See it, feel it, know it
  • Live like you are already there. Walk, speak, smile and love knowing that you already have it
  • It works!


At one point in my own developmental process I had to let go of blaming the people and situations that caused me difficulty and negativity. In order to do that I had to celebrate the gifts that people gave me.

  • How did financial difficulties teach you that your were a survivor and victor?
  • How did you learn to find positive people to lean on, even though you were surrounded by negativity?
  • How did you get the life you currently have, in spite of where you came from?
  • Describe a time that you took a significant risk and achieved success. Use as many descriptive words to detail the experience.
  • Forgive them. Forgive the people who disappointed, hurt or treated you badly. This was the hardest one for me; it was also the most transformational. Forgiveness is really about you (and me) not them. It is about allowing yourself to leave the past and to enjoy your present and future. It took me almost a year, seven states and countless people to find my real father and forgive him (and forgive myself for the anger and choices I made because I blamed him). The day I did forgive him filled me with such fresh air, freedom and release that I knew I could do anything. Forgiveness works.

Kick-butt action:

You have dealt with the past, now it is time to deal with your future. I heard that I should dream big. I dreamed big and achieved it. Then I heard to dream the impossible and focus on that. I did that too and achieved it. Now it is your turn. Create a dream that is incredible and amazing. You don’t have to work out the how. Just dream a big dream, now write it down. The dream has now become a vision and a goal.

Do everything today as though your dream and vision is attached to the effort and passion you give to your job. Keep your dream and vision alive throughout the day as you work, parent, and engage with others. Walk like you already have the dream and vision, talk like you already have the dream and vision.

No matter what your dream or vision is you still have to walk, drink, wash your hands and interact with others. Do it all as though the dream and vision is already here.

I know you can point out that this is nonsense and is all make believe. I’ve been there and done that. It wasn’t until I started doing these actions that my life changed, each stage created positive, abundant change.

This is for you. This is all about you and getting what you deserve. All you have to do is just for today Think, Act, Believe and See yourself receiving what you want. Do this throughout the day. One step at a time, focus on what you want.

Have You?

Laughed so hard that you couldn’t stop?
Laughed at yourself because of something you said or did?
Felt so exhilarated and happy just because?
Been surprised because someone thought you were great?
Been surprised to hear yourself think that you’re great?

Thought of the Month:

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” Peace Pilgrim

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