MacLaughlin’s Dry Cleaners Leading the Way in Atlantic Canada

MacLaughlin’s Dry Cleaners Leading the Way in Atlantic Canada

By Kellie Underhill

It’s that time of year again—time when many of us head to the dry cleaners with all of our fall and winter coats to get them cleaned for the season. And if your garments happen to be made of leather or suede, you’re in luck! Because the only certified leather cleaning specialist in New Brunswick is right here in Miramichi.

MacLaughlin’s Dry Cleaners on Veteran’s Lane in Newcastle are ROYALTONE Certified in leather and suede cleaning and one of only two leather cleaning specialists in Atlantic Canada.

“There was nobody else doing it,” says Frank MacLaughlin. “Nearly every household has one or two suede or leathers, so the demand is there for a quality cleaner.”

Frank and his wife, Patsy, have been serving the Miramichi region for about 25 years and are as committed to providing professional quality service today as they were when they first opened in 1981.

“If you don’t do a quality job, there’s no use in doing them at all,” Frank says.

In 1983, Frank and Patsy went to Tulsa, Oklahoma, took a course and got licensed to clean natural fabrics like leather, suede and fur.

People sometimes grumble about what seems to be an expensive process, having their clothing professionally cleaned, but Frank says when it comes to high-end garments, if you want to properly take care of them, you don’t want to cut corners.

“Suede absolutely has to have weather repellent,” he says. “It may seem expensive, but when you factor in that it’s a three to four hour process for each garment and you only have to do it every five years, it’s really not that much.”

And it’s this commitment to quality service and expertise that has people from all over the Maritimes trusting their valuable suede, leathers and furs to MacLaughlin’s Dry Cleaners.

“We get a lot of things coming in by courier from places like Fredericton,” Frank says.

All their leather cleaning is done in-house, by trained professionals who have years of experience. In fact, Frank says his wife, Patsy, personally does most of the suede and leathers.

What can they do for your leather and suede? Their leather and suede cleaning process deodorizes, conditions and softens the fabric; eliminates colour loss, shrinkage and stiffening; restores shine or gloss to coloured leather; restores satin sheen to all Cuir Savage Leather; and improves lustre, depth of colour and supple feel of suede. MacLaughlin’s other dry cleaning services include drop-off laundry, wedding gowns (cleaned and boxed), fire orders (smoke damage), and a sewing service is available.

Prices vary from garment to garment, but you can call to get an estimate. They’re open Monday to Thursday from 8 am until 5:30 pm, Friday from 8 am until 6 pm, and Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm.

There’s also a depot at Bill’s Quick Mart in Miramichi East for your convenience. For more information telephone (506) 622-7371 or (506) 622-2554. Visit their website at for tips about how to properly care for your suede and leather.

Kellie Underhill is the editor of Bread ‘n Molasses magazine. An active member of the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick and the Miramichi Writers’ Guild, Kellie is currently working on her first play.