Monthly Archives: February 2007

It’s All About Love

It’s All About Love by Jeannine Watson We are creatures of love and affection, even in the worse of us are tiny fragments of wonderful treasure. Treasure that subsists but remains dormant, sometimes demonstrated at the most unexpected times. In the rush of everyday living, still always, love is the deep needed goal of our lives.… Continue Reading

The Only Available Option

The Only Available Option By Tammy Scott-Wallace It’s a feeling of shame Lily still finds hard to talk about.   Not shame in the sense that she was an unmarried mother when she handed her little bundle over to near strangers almost 50 years ago, but a shame that she could have gone through with… Continue Reading

A Melody of Memories

A Melody of Memories By Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe John Denver’s song Back Home Again is both a favourite, and definitely unforgettable song for me. For years John Denver’s song has given me many recollections of my life’s journey. The song has  followed me along life’s road with words that are still applicable to me and words… Continue Reading

Bathurst Business Invents Lead-Free Bullets

Bathurst Business Invents Lead-Free Bullets By Kellie Underhill A small business in northern New Brunswick has developed a product that could revolutionize an entire industry. Green Kore in Bathurst has created a new type of bullet that is accurate, easy to manufacture and cheaper to produce—it also just happens to be lead-free. “This has the… Continue Reading

A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember By Stacy Underhill   I was part of the bridal party at a wedding in Toronto. We left the church to go to a park for photos, and then to the reception hall, which was quite a distance away. We exited the church to find the limo driver under the hood… Continue Reading