Monthly Archives: July 2006

Do Write

Do Write by Cal Olgilvie I am an advocate for people with the time and desire to write their life story for posterity. No one will write your story like you can. I might add the things you remember and relive as you write will surprise you. Have you ever been to a cemetery looking for… Continue Reading

Rotarian Party in Panama

Rotarian Party in Panama By James E. Sellars Panama City skyline People who don’t travel miss some interesting events. The other day we were invited to a special house party at the home of a Past President of Rotary International in Panama City. The first question out of my mouth was, “May I bring my… Continue Reading

Three Poems

Three Poems By Corey Mesler An Incident Near the College As J. R. R Tolkien walked the hills surrounding his home near Oxford a small stranger silently trailed him. When he turned he was startled. The little fellow took out a pipe and motioned toward a tuft of grass. “J.R., sit,” he said, smiling puckishly,… Continue Reading

Zombies in Cape Breton

Zombies in Cape Breton By Donna Spalding When I was very young, we had a zombie in our house. You are probably thinking that I had a great imagination as a child, but no, it is true. In September 1939 Great Britain, France and Canada declared war on Germany. Unlike other countries, war did not… Continue Reading