Two Poems

Two Poems
By Kevin Craig

Remembering Newcastle

Just a touch away,

this memory that eludes me,

of town circles and rusty bridges,

and seashells smashed on rocky shores.

The mere glimmer of a scent from a secret river,

a slice of sunlight on a shimmering rock face,

will bring it back to me.

Just a fleeting moment in time,

Lost forever

if not for the stones on which I tread

and that particular sound they make

as they are crushed beneath my feet.


A Douglastown Summer

Blueberries pregnant in adjacent fields,

A hillside away from a tumultuous river

Changing tides with the in and out rhythm

of its lunar breathing.

Hot sun strikes the rolling hills,

Reflecting blue the summer haze,

As we lay tracing pictures within the cumulus clouds

Thoughts rising above the passage of time,

Resting here in memory’s heart.

Beside the field,

Northumberland, a mall,

Meeting place for weary travelers,

Shoppers, idle chatterers too.

The span that crosses into Chatham,

Green and vast, the steel

Climbing out from shore to shore,

Concrete roads with yellow lines.

Solid, yet moving within the breeze.

We wander recklessly,


Along winding dirt bike trails,

Speeding through the muck of yesterday’s rain.

Up through the woods, a speedway

And a school with jungle gyms,

Where endless summer nights are spent

Counting stars while hanging from limbs of trees.

The fair comes through in August,

Summer’s last hurrah,

Setting up in fields across the way,

Where blue tendrils disguise

The sticky cotton candy waste.

Kevin Craig is a proud member of the Writers’ Circle of Durham Region. He currently serves as secretary on its Board of Directors. He is also a member of both the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick and the Canadian Federation of Poets. Kevin’s poetry has appeared in Regina Weese, Jones Av. Journal, Poetry Canada and Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, to name a few. Kevin recently released his first chapbook, The Elephant Keeper, through Rusty River Press. It can be purchased by contacting Kevin directly through his website.