Monthly Archives: March 2006

Panama Jazz Festival

Panama Jazz Festival By James E. Sellars Panama People who don’t travel miss a lot of very interesting events. During a recent trip to Panama City I was sitting with my family at a well known restaurant, the Pomodor, enjoying some of their fine Italian food with my wife and kids, when a toddler wandered… Continue Reading

Headaches – A Pain in the Neck?

Headaches – A Pain in the Neck? by Dr. Jason Plotsky It has been estimated that approximately 4.5 million Canadians suffer from severe, recurring attacks of migraine and tension headaches. Migraine headaches are typically classified as one-sided, throbbing or pulsating, made worse by exertion and during an attack there is usually nausea/vomiting or light and… Continue Reading

Save Time and Money on Your Laser Printer – Part 3

Save Time and Money on Your Laser Printer – Part 3 By Jerry Arsenault      In this edition of the series I will talk about “re-manufactured” toner cartridges for your laser printer. First, what does the term mean? When a toner cartridge is re-manufactured by a reputable manufacturer, it is disassembled, thoroughly cleaned of… Continue Reading

Rhymes For Our Times

Rhymes For Our Times by Rickshaw How can you expect to live? If you only take, and you never give What is it that you see? That makes you think you’re better then me Is it the way we dress or look? Did you read something in a book? Are you a man at all?… Continue Reading

Grand Falls, Unassuming Keeping Up Appearances

Grand Falls, Unassuming Keeping Up Appearances by Alexandra Chasse October 11, 2005 — Washingtonians, like most big-city dwellers, like to look good. They dress well. They eat well so they can look well. And they have good haircuts—even the students. My husband Kurt, who’s doing a Master’s at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International… Continue Reading