Rhymes For Our Times

Rhymes For Our Times
by Rickshaw

Don’t talk about it

Be about it

If you can’t write about it

Read about it

You can read the news

Or make the news

It’s up to you

Only you can choose

If you got your hand out

Or got your brand out

You’re making a statement

With that, there’s no doubt

What do you want people to see?

What do you want to be?


Take a look inside and you may be surprised

What you wanted the most you’re pushing aside

Life is full of things to do

You should never forget to look in the mirror

Know why? Cause it’s you

You who controls your fate

So brush your hair and don’t be late

Today is here and then it’s gone like gas

Yesterday’s dawn and tomorrow’s pass

Most of all don’t forget

To water your own lawn

That’s your best bet


It’s where we are

It doesn’t seem to be

What my father always talked about

Has not yet come to be

We may be on track

I’m not quite sure

The crack sure isn’t helping

Or the diamonds or the furs

Decades ago people were all about love

Singing about housing people in the street

Singing about doves

Life, like sex, needs an ounce of prevention

You can’t just depend on divine intervention

We need more generosity if our goals we are to meet

There’s got to be enough money

And shoe’s for everyone’s feet

Can someone explain, the children in the street

No need to point fingers, to lay or feel blame

It’s time to stop talking

Time to start sharing the grain

Wall Street is great to maintain control

However the money made there

Should not leave the rest of us paying a toll

Richard (a.k.a. Rickshaw) is a Canadian writer who recently completed his first book titled A JOURNEY BY RICKSHAW THROUGH THE CARNIVAL OF FLEAS, the first of a series of books of rhymes for the times. He would also eventually like to write for the music and television industry. Email Rickshaw at: rhymesforthetimes@yahoo.com