by Gisele McClafferty

Gisele McClafferty

I’d like to share a little event that occurred at the Miramichi Exhibition this year.

I set up a booth, right in the barn. At first I was thinking this was no good for me, though it is good for animals, and the birth of someone quite special and famous. It turns out the barn was a great spot.

So here I am, working away in my barn shop, and I look up to see this tall, handsome man of 50’ish with a long beautiful mane of blond hair. Then he speaks in a distinct British accent. I’m thinking, Oh my God! It’s Robert Plant? So I say, “Oh my God!”

He smiles.

I say, “Did anyone ever tell you . . .”

He smiles some more, like he already knows what I’m about to say.

“That you look like . . .”

Now he’s laughing.

“Robert Plant!”

He chuckles, and then smiles at me. He looks around a bit, then back at me. So I say, “Well, if it is you, can I have your autograph?”

He laughs some more, but says nothing. Then I say, “And if it is you, what the heck are you doing at the Miramichi Ex?”

Now, we are both laughing.

I’ll point out quickly for you folks that I sell rock shirts, and I just happen to have a Led Zeppelin shirt proudly displayed on my “power wall” behind me.

So as I stand in awe, a lady with two children approaches him. They speak briefly, and move on. Just like that. My digital camera is sitting right behind me, useless. I missed the moment.

So was it him? I hardly thought so, though I did feel like this guy knew what was coming the minute I spoke to him. He handled me as if he didn’t want to be recognised, but was impressed nonetheless. It just so happens that Robert Plant has been touring in and out of Canada for a little bit. Perhaps he came here for a little break? Who knows?

If you can confirm or dismiss my story, I’d be glad to hear from you. Until then, I’ll tell my little tale and wonder.

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