Inspirational Insight

Inspirational Insight

Jeannine Watson

Author’s Note

Dear Readers,

My poetry, my writings, started at the age of sixty. Life is full of surprises! There is a time and a place for everything. We have talents that lie dormant in our spirit for years.

Life is a beautiful adventure! We have to be patient and try to live it with love, hope, courage and faith. For without faith we would not be able to function in an ambitious, spiritual and loving way. To age is a blessing and a very fortunate privilege.

My goal is that my words may help you, guide you, and perhaps bring you new knowledge that will make it more peaceful and easier to live your life. I dedicate my poetry and my writings, honest words from my heart, to all that read them. May it bring joy and love for your soul and special “inspirational insight” on a variety of life subjects.

May my writings bring you happiness and inspiration always!

Sincerely and with love,
Jeannine Watson

An Education of Life
by Jeannine Watson

Thoughts of when I was young . . . so much I should have done . . .

If I had the chance to relive my life I would do it with much more knowledge, for life’s experiences teaches all — faith, love, compassion, respect and loyalty. None of these can be purchased or inherited, they can only be earned. They are felt and needed throughout your lifetime.

An education from textbooks, a college degree you may have achieved in order to establish and to obtain a good living. However, the finest education (not learned in textbooks) is an education concerning life in general. It is a very complex education for it consists of your heart and the heart of others. As a result it will be the most worthwhile and beneficial education of your life.

Of course you will make mistakes. Mistakes are made. But when good lessons are learned, they are very meaningful mistakes indeed. Speaking out of tender affection to others is something you have to teach yourself — to be honest, say how you feel, explain it affectionately, and let your kindness demonstrate it.

Also, respect the feelings of others, especially your loved ones. Responsibility is not written or learned in textbooks. It should be a natural part of your spirit, your strength of mind. A person who is responsible has an awareness of the needs of others, a caring heart, and should be extremely polite to all persons he or she encounters.

I believe when we are sensitive toward responsibility, many excellent qualities emerge from our personalities. Accepting responsibility transmits a lot of happiness to others. If we shun responsibility we might abandon job after job, perhaps have insecure relationships, maybe not much happiness will be gained in our lifetime not only for our fellowman and especially our family but most of all for ourselves.

Explore what you would like to do in life. Recognise the talents you may have and try to identify with them — for we are all talented. Develop mentally. When you are not successful in life always consider your experiences as enlightened learning. Working hard is being an exceptionally responsible person. Life goes on. Change with the times and live your life in knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom are powerful tools.

Respect yourself and you will always be respected. Respect is not learned in textbooks; it should be a function of your daily life. Remember what generally is seen in your personality and outward appearance is what will be respected. Respect begets respect; love begets love.

An education about life in general is not learned in textbooks. Ah, but we should also never forget the importance of a formal education. It is a necessary factor to be successful in life. As I said, knowledge is power. The key is to strike a balance between life lessons and formal study. A textbook cannot provide love and hold you tight when you need affection. But a heart overflowing with love for you can make you happy, and that you need in life even more than anything else.

I wish you complete success, but even more I wish you love!

Jeannine Soucy Watson was born and raised in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. She has been writing for eight years, mostly poems and motivational material. Her poetry has appeared in La Cataracte and Victoria Star. An avid songwriter, two of Jeannine’s songs were published and recorded on a demo by Paramount Group Recording Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Email Jeannine at