by LeRoy Coffie Jr.

Time Passes By  

The sun rises

The sun falls

A little boy

An old man

The moon is full

The stars shine brightly

A little girl

An old woman

The clock ticks

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Seconds become

Minutes become

Hours become

Days become

Years become

A lifetime

A little boy

An old man

A little girl

An old woman

Walk across the sand


The sun

The moon

And the stars


Her Piece of Sand

The lady watches summer sand

slowly drift by, one piece is still in her hand

One tiny speck of eternity

without love it will not ever be

Feelings can make it real,

but still, blindness can conceal

She slowly approaches the van

knowing love is still in her hand

The sudden teardrops wash it from her hand

taking with it, her piece of sand

Anxiously she looks, crying most desperately:

“where can it be?”

The teardrops continuously flow

while inside she begins to grow

Running down her cheeks they dry,

but deep inside, she still cries

Slowly her life continues

she gets caught up in something new

Until one day someone touches her hand

and in it she finds her piece of sand.

Originally published in American Poetry Anthology (Fall 1986)
Reprinted by permission

Little Girl


Short red hair

Brown eyes looking at me


Innocence of youth

A smile

A giggle

Laughter is all around me

Jumping and playing

Everything is so simple



I look into your eyes

And I see myself


Bring tears to my cheeks

An old man

Looking into the past


He could do

It all over again

… you sit there


why is that crazy old man

looking at me?



LeRoy Coffie Jr. lives in Riverview, Florida with his wife, Emelita, and their two children, Megan 8, and Kyle 10 months. LeRoy writes from his experiences, good and bad. He hopes his books will help other people who have gone through similar experiences. He is now busy writing a series of seven adventure books for teenagers/young adults. His first book, The Book, was published in 2004 and the second book, The Ark, is due out sometime in 2005. Contact LeRoy by email at lcoffiejr@yahoo.com or visit his website at www.freewebs.com/lcoffiejr/