Valentine’s Day is Pamper Day!

Valentine’s Day is Pamper Day!
by Joan Cripps

In 1950, Joan’s husband, Ray, gave her this Valentine.
Valentine’s Day is about love — adoring, amorous, devoted, head-over-heels love. But when the hoopla of Valentine’s Day gets underway, single people can feel left out.

You can’t love anyone unless you love yourself first. So, begin loving yourself by pampering yourself.

Purple Hat Ladies know how to do this.

Simply put, pampering is orientating your life around what brings YOU joy. Pampering helps you relate to yourself in a new and different way.

A way in which care of self is top priority, a priority that doesn’t arise out of selfishness but arises out of a place of healthy self-love.

Table setting for a Valentine’s tea party at Joan’s house.

This Valentine’s Day grab a piece of Wilma’s fudge and be kind to YOU, just for the day.

Take some quiet time, time just for you to give your mind and body a break. Create a sacred place to take your body to relax, maybe under a tree, on a garden bench or your patio.

Compile a “what brings me joy” list. Use pampering tools like candles and scented bubble bath. Snuggle on the couch with a good book. Wear your best silk or satin loungewear.

Host a gourmet dinner, or better still — go out to dinner. Set the table with your good china. Have your tea in a china cup. Take time to smell the rose.


Joan Cripps of Chatham, New Brunswick, is a frequent contributor to Bread ‘n Molasses. She’s also the founder of the Purple Hat Ladies Tea Society, a group she formed in 2001. Email Joan at