Museum in Danger Due to Lack of Funding

Museum in Danger Due to Lack of Funding

The Miramichi Natural History Museum on Wellington Street in Chatham is facing difficult times and may have to close before celebrating its Centennial in 2009.

Board Members of the association are making every effort to procure funding to keep the doors open. This funding is essential to maintaining displays and items at the Museum available to the public.

tom boot

In the past three years, government funding at the federal, provincial and municipal levels has either deteriorated considerably or is non-existent.

This institution is the oldest natural history museum in Atlantic Canada, and the third oldest in the country. With such a distinction, this museum deserves better; nobody should forget the value of local history and culture.

The museum is asking the citizens of Miramichi for assistance. By simply spreading this message to other Miramichiers, more people on the river will become aware of the museum’s plight, and hopefully take action to rectify this situation.


If you have any ideas or suggestions to help the museum keep the doors open, they would love to hear them. Please drop by the museum and visit anytime to see the new displays.

The museum is open Monday to Friday 10AM to 4PM. Support one of the community’s priceless educational institutions. For more information visit their website at