Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Hi! My name is Chelsey Buggie.

I’m in grade 5 and the STOP fair is coming up. STOP fair is Student Talent On Parade (it’s like a Science Fair.) The Theme is Technology.

I figured Technology is computers and computers have email and web pages. So, I made myself a web page and an email telling people to sign my page. My Project is sending the email then seeing how many people will sign my page.

So far I have 30 or 35, two as far away as Slovenia, then three from Alberta and one from Ottawa. And then as close as my Mom, Dad and next door neighbours.

So, that’s my project. I was wondering if you could put it in your magazine for everyone to read and go to my web page and see how far my project will go.


Dear Chelsey,

I’m sure Bread ‘n Molasses readers will want to help you with the STOP Fair. I’ll put your letter in our next issue and see what happens. Good luck with your project!

Kellie Underhill, Editor
Bread ‘n Molasses Magazine
“It Sorta Sticks to Ya!”

Okay readers, why not give Chelsey a hand. Visit her website at and sign her guest book. It won’t even take a minute.