East Coast High Performance

East Coast High Performance

For a long time Luc Michaud wanted to go into business for himself. Opportunities came and went while he weighed his options and developed a solid plan. 

Fourteen months ago Luc finally took the plunge. He opened East Coast High Performance and hasn’t looked back since.

“Things are good so far,” he says.

Along with his brother, Luc had been involved in racing cars. Because he’s focused on running his business now, he no longer races. But he’s still very much involved in the racing scene.

He sells performance parts — exhaust, custom wheels and tires, etc. and is the only N.O.S. refill station on the river. That’s a special kind of racing fuel, drivers would otherwise have to go probably as far away as Fredericton to get.

In his showroom many parts are on display and Luc says his business offers the largest selection and variety of distributors on the Miramichi.

Before venturing into a new business, he advises entrepreneurs to do thorough background research like he did to make sure there’s a demand for your product or service and some competition.

“You need competition,” Luc says. “It actually helps you.”

He says customers like to have variety and choices; they get tired of shopping at the same place all the time. Luc thinks competition is healthy because it forces business owners to be creative and provide a better service at reasonable prices.

He says research can really help you to find success.

“Figure out your start-up costs and make sure you can fund your business,” he says.

He also said it’s very important to determine what are going to be your best seasons so you can budget for the rest of the year.

“I learned that the hard way,” he laughs.

East Coast Ultimate Racing is open Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm. You can check out Luc’s shop online 24-hours per day at www.eastcoastultimateracing.com or drop by the showroom at 31 Bellefond Road in Bellefond during regular business hours.

For more information telephone (506) 624-9570, fax (506) 624-9570 or email info@eastcoastultimateracing.com