Original Poetry

There is a scary legend
on the Miramichi
It’s fright has been past down
through out all history 

There was once a murder
A mad man killed a French nun
some men found her body
But forever her head was gone

They searched for her head
They searched high and low
But they never found it
so back to France her body did go

Now, More then a hundred years later
she offers money to those she meets
But the money she offers if from England
though she’s from the France streets

There must be a treasure hidden
But where I do not know
And the only one who does
her face she can not show

She haunts the bridge at night
looking for her head
but she still hasn’t found it
or so it is said

and at night when you walk the cove
that nun you may see
however she has no head
and is searching the Miramichi

— Jessica Lawson, age 13



Jessica writes poetry and fiction. She is a member of the Miramichi Writers’ Group. On April 16th, she gave a public reading of this poem during a poetry reading and hiking event at French Fort Cove as part of the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick Annual General Meeting.