Let us get Lost in Movies . . .

Let us get Lost in Movies . . .
with Ester Nye

2003 Calendar Girls

All so often when facing one of life’s personal tragedies we are forced to examine our lives, and if we are “lucky” we will find not only who we can lean on — who our “friends” are — but also discover our inner strength. And with that inner strength, we may then acquire and achieve new goals, new ambitions, as did Anne (Julie Walter) after the loss of her husband John (John Alderton) to leukaemia.

With devoted gal pal, Chris, excellently portrayed by Helen Mirren, they set out to accomplish what seems to be just a simple goal, to buy a small item in John’s memory. But Chris’ overly ambitious attitude may have just got them in over their heads . . . and leads them on yet another journey — a journey of their lifetime.

This is a true story of love, self-awareness, determination, personal growth, and commitment to friends as well as one’s self.

Filmed in England’s plush backdrop, this film is a touch of “fresh air” in today’s industry.

Minimal partial nudity with language befitting to movie and text, if you are a fan of British humour and British TV you will enjoy this movie, you will love this movie. Tastefully done, especially the handling of sensitive issues like terminal illness and death. We laugh . . . We cry . . .

2004 Hidalgo

Timeline: 1890

This is the autobiographical story of Frank T. Hopkins and his mustang, Hidalgo.

Starring Viggo (Lord of the Rings) Mortensen as a Pony express courier, dispatch rider for the U.S. cavalry, and his journey — a 3000 mile race across the Arabian Desert.

This is a story of love, respect, honour, and loyalty, with early similarities to several other movies, including Last Samurai.

A scenic movie with intelligent horses (Is Hidalgo the best actor?) and a predictable ending, but truly the ending we want.

Watch for Omar Sharif as Shekh Riyadh and Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman. Loise Lombard as Lady Anne Davenport. Zuleikha Robinson as Jazira.

Features a universal cast including American, British, Italian, Egyptian, Persian . . . Canadian?

Reminiscent of the old western.

Back in time . . .

Since the movie industry is ever growing, we would like to remind you of movies from the past worth viewing again.

The Green Mile 1999. Starring Tom Hanks with David Morse and Canadian, Graham Greene.

The Contender 2000. Starring Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges, Gary Oldman, William Peterson and German born Canadian, Saul Rubinek.

Spartacus 1960. Starring Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and English born Canadian, Peter Ustinov.

Esther Nye is a Miramichi businessperson who incorporates all her interest into each day. Gallery owner/ Chef, lover of music, poetry, art, literature and of course . . . a true movie buff.

Lost in Movies is just that — a time to get lost from the rest of our busy lives. We can experience the fantasy of other worlds. We laugh. We cry. We run the emotional gambit. We care for characters that are just that — “characters” that directors / screenwriters/ actors believe will entertain. We want to be entertained, solve the mystery, seek revenge, or look for the happy ending. Whatever your reason, allow yourself to get Lost in Movies at our local Empire theatre, rent previously released films, or check out our library’s that carry a fantastic selection from the last 100 years of film.