What’s Happening?

What’s Happening?
by Kellie Underhill

Bread ‘n Molasses celebrates one year of publication this issue and we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of your favourite stories and see what has happened since we first published them.

In our very first issue we introduced you to Miramichi author, Larry Lynch,  who had recently published his first novel An Expectation of Home.

Larry has a new book due out this September from Gaspereau Press. The working title is “Learning to Swim, and other ballads of the inept male” and it’s a collection of short stories.

“I am proud of the stories in this book,” Larry said. “I don’t think inept males will ever go out of vogue.”

He started work on a new novel quite awhile ago and has completed ¾ but another book is itching to be written and he hopes to finish writing both of those books this year.

“I try not to put too much pressure on myself,” he said, “after all, this writing thing was only supposed to be a hobby.”

Everyone at Bread ‘n Molasses wishes Larry continued success with his writing and we’ll make sure to keep our readers up to date on his progress.

Last spring we met Robbie Tucker who had just launched The Ledden Street Sessions, his first album. He spent the summer doing dinner theatre in PEI and now has moved to Toronto.  Robbie kindly sent me an email to fill us in on the latest:

“Hey, nice to hear from you. Well since we last talked, I was scheduled to
appear on the Toronto Show, but cancelled due to a cold. Also, I have had
my album reviewed by

I am always writing songs, and working on ideas and songs for my yet untitled
second album. I am scheduled for another run of theatre this summer. Meeting lots of new folks. Album has been submitted and reviewed by BMG Music Canada and has been put on file. Been featured on http://www.freewebs.com/eclecticink/ ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ has been submitted to ‘The John Lennon Song Writing Contest.’”

It sounds like Robbie is doing very well and I’m sure he’ll keep us posted whenever anything new happens.

Shortly after profiling artist, Kyla Sturgeon, in October The Miramichi Leader/ Weekend ran a nice front-page story about her in the newspaper. Other than that, Kyla didn’t have anything new to report. She says she’s still doing the same things as usual.

In July we introduced you to The Wee Ones. I’m happy to report they’re still going strong and a few weeks ago took their message to the Maritimes via a live appearance at Breakfast Television on ATV/ASN.

In June we reported that there would be a Summer Blast concert in Doaktown.  Here are some pictures courtesy of Taylor Productions.  Janice Taylor also helped organise The Salmon & Fiddlehead Festival last year, which she says was a great success. The woodsmen competition and highland games went over particularly well.

Remember Grant Mountain? He is the twelve-year-old from Newcastle who represented the province at the National Championships of Magic: The Gathering in Montreal. I wondered what happened and contacted Richard Donovan at Castlevania Sports Cards to find out. This is what Richard said:

“Hi Kellie. Grant had a very good tournament in Montreal. He finished 12 out of 120 players from all over Canada; this was a great finish just because of his age. There are 184 Magic the Gathering players registered at my store now and more coming every week. I have six players going to the junior super series in Moncton in April. They will be playing for college scholarship money and it looks like we could have another winner on the Miramichi. I will be moving into my much larger store in March, so it has been busy lately getting ready for the move.”

Thanks Richard! We wish the six players heading to Moncton all the best of luck!