By Richard Trevors

In the late 1950’s growing up in Douglasfield, New Brunswick, my family and I were faced in our early childhood with seeing Leprechaun’s at our back door.

One mid early March day, us kids were playing around the yard and back in the wood when we came across old abounded vehicles. In March, you begin to smell the aroma of spring and hear its sounds.

My sister and I were playing in the water and all of a sudden we heard a rustle of bushes. We wondered what we were hearing and what we might see. Our young minds were scared as we ran towards the house and got into our dad’s car.

We raced into the car, locked the doors and hid our faces into the seats. Then the action started.

We were so upset and scared we didn’t know what was going to happen to us.

Three Leprechauns climbed on the back of the car and were creeping onto the roof. From inside, it seemed like it was a big animal. These little guys were all dressed in green and had matching hats.

My sister and I started to yell so our parents would hear us when I glanced out the side window and one of the Leprechauns was looking in at me. My little heart pounded. I was very scared. Being only eight years old, they were as big as I was.

The Leprechaun banged on the window with his little fist and our eyes cried big tears. We started yelling louder only to discover they were all looking in the window at us.

Our mother heard our hollering and wondered what was happening to her small children. Before she could get outside to rescue us, the three little Leprechauns knocked on the window and said, “HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!”

To this day I have never forgotten this and the story lives on as we approach St. Patrick’s Day.

From my family to yours we wish you the best of St. Patrick’s and remind you to be careful of little Leprechauns. You never know when you will see them or when they will appear.

Richard Trevors was born and raised in Douglasfield over 50 years ago. In his 20’s, Richard moved to Brandon, Manitoba, where he met his wife of 27 years, Audrey. Richard and Audrey owned and operated a successful “We Care” franchise for 7 years. Richard believes what you give to the community you get back from the community. In the late fall of 2003 Richard and Audrey returned to Miramichi for semi-retirement but soon found he had too much to offer the community and was hired by Mighty Miramichi as Marketing/ Public Relationship Manager. Richard enjoys living on the river again after being away for 28 years. He loves being involved in different community clubs and being close to his brothers and sister as they do have a number of stories to share. Richard did not realise the beauty of the Miramichi until he came back and saw it with the naked eye. His positive attitude brings a great asset to the Miramichi.