Lost in Movies

Lost in Movies
by Esther Nye

We go to the movies for a variety of reasons. For some, to get away from the “kids” / parents. For others, it’s the only chance to get close to that special someone. And for still others, it’s just an evening out.

We all want to be entertained, whether it be by the actors, by the visuals (scenic / car chases, etc.) by the screenwriters and story, by the directors themselves — Whatever the reason, we all want to be Lost in Movies.

As New Brunswickers, on average we go to the movies approximately 2.5 times a year. The cost of movies plus the most required necessity — popcorn and soda — can set a couple back over $30.00, so we have become more selective of what we view.

Marketing in the movie industry is everything. A boring movie can appear to be quite brilliant and vice versa. Often movie trailers in all attempts to lure us in, actually give out too much information, as in the new movie Twisted starring Ashley Judd, Samuel Jackson and Andy Garcia (review of this movie in an upcoming column.)

When it comes to marketing, few movies got the exposure of Cold Mountain. The writings of award-winning author, Charles Frazier; the all star cast including Kidman, Law and Zellweger; the romantic/ war pic has something for everyone.

Time period: the American Civil War, 1864.

This movie depicts Inman (Law), a soldier in his desperate struggle to return to the woman he loves and his home, Cold Mountain, North Carolina. Like him, Ada (Kidman) following personal tragedy also struggles to survive in a world unknown to her, with the help of Ruby (Zellweger).

The cast is littered with strong, albeit small, roles. Among those being Donald Sutherland **, Brendan Gleeson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, also Kathy Baker, Giovanni Ribsi and Natalie Portman. Not to be missed is brief appearance of Dame Eileen Atkins.

Morals, values, beliefs, faith, and respect are all intertwined within this movie. We learn of desperation, of pure survival instinct, that life has no value or that life is the only thing to value. The three main characters of this movie have one thing in common — at no time do we ever question their intentions, they are with Honour and the actors themselves are believable in their roles.

Kidman is the minister’s daughter, fragile but forced to dig deep to find her inner strength. Law has tunnel vision — he must find his way back to Cold Mountain and Ada. Zellweger adds a much-needed touch of humour in her character to dredge through each day. All in all, a great movie.

Language fitting for this piece, but a few partial nude scenes does nothing for the story.

And since all American movies have at least one Canadian Connection, this movie is no different.

** Canadian Donald Sutherland

50 First Dates, is a romantic comedy starring the huggable Adam Sandler and bubbly Drew Barrymore. Since The Wedding Singer we have looked forward to the next movie pairing these two actors. This movie has the beauty of Barrymore and Hawaii.

The premise is that a womaniser / marine biologist Henry (Sandler) finally meets the woman that will be his biggest challenge, Lucy (Barrymore) who has many problems, one being her short term memory and the other being her over protective family who don’t want Henry involved in her life.

Former SNL stars carry much of this movie — Sandler, his best friend Ula played by Roy Schneider and Lucy’s former doctor played by Dan Akroyd. **

Also watch Sean (Lord of the Rings) Astin. And watch for scene-stealers “Willie” the penguin and “Jocko” the walrus.

This is a fun movie aimed at the younger audience although jokes are somewhat crude. There are plenty of “one-liners.”

This movie has heartbreak followed by a happy ending. There is much chemistry between these two stars. We can only imagine how much “Fun” was had in the making of 50 First Dates.

Canadian Connection ** Dan Akroyd.

Back in time . . .

Since the movie industry is ever growing, we like to remind you of movies from the past that are worth looking at again.

1999, NottingHill, Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, Romantic/ Comedy. oooppppsee daisy !!!

1971, The French Connection, Starring Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider. Drama. Car chase filmed in actual time.

1934, Petrified Forrest, Starring Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and Humpry Bogart. Romantic /Drama.

Esther Nye is a Miramichi businessperson who incorporates all her interest into each day. Gallery owner/ Chef, lover of music, poetry, art, literature and of course . . . a true movie buff.

Lost in Movies is just that — a time to get lost from the rest of our busy lives. We can experience the fantasy of other worlds. We laugh. We cry. We run the emotional gambit. We care for characters that are just that — “characters” that directors / screenwriters/ actors believe will entertain. We want to be entertained, solve the mystery, seek revenge, or look for the happy ending. Whatever your reason, allow yourself to get Lost in Movies at our local Empire theatre, rent previously released films, or check out our library’s that carry a fantastic selection from the last 100 years of film.