Checking In with Mark McGloin

Checking In with Mark McGloin
By Kellie Underhill

Last May we profiled the work of local artist, Mark McGloin. When I contacted him to see if he any new artwork to share with the Bread ‘n Molasses readers, Mark thanked me for writing the article. He said he had a few orders for portraits of dogs on rocks as a result and sent us a few pictures of paintings we hadn’t seen before.

In a surprising twist, a few months after we ran the article, I received an email from Joan Cripps. Joan writes a regular column for Bread ‘n Molasses and has been a frequent contributor since the beginning. Here is what she wrote:


I remember Mark’s Dad. We had a big frame on our dining room wall. Mark’s Dad would come to the house and paint a picture in it, and of course the neighbourhood children and our own would gather to watch.

He drew a couple of different pictures in this frame over the years. Notice the couple in the picture. It was the couple in the pear tree — that’s what the children called it. He had drawn a pear on the tree for the children.

This picture was taken about 30 years ago. I guess Mark inherited his Dad’s talent. His father and my husband worked at the Base.


Thanks for sharing that story, Joan.